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  • taking and drafting minutes for Board/Committee meetings
  • preparing PowerPoint presentations
  • dossier preparation/promotion and tenure packages
  • spreadsheet projects
  • preparing newsletters or promotional documents
  • create operations/policy manuals
  • writing job descriptions/postings
  • reviewing resumes from applicants; creating a short list of potential candidates
  • interviewing candidates
  • performing reference checks
  • preparing training
  • drafting organizational policy and procedures manuals
  • managing employee benefits
  • asset management/inventory
  • resume review and updating
  • cover letter writing
  • job search assistance
  • interview prep
  • completion of paperwork and documentation to complete process
  • research and obtain required court documents
  • submission to respective government agency for processing
  • tracking until pardon received
  • strategic advice/analysis
  • build campaign team/manage budget/resources/people
  • campaign strategies
  • issue management/solutions
  • office moves
  • rental of office/warehouse space
  • asset inventory
  • creating procedural manuals or employee handbooks
  • conducting research and creating reports
  • cleaning/organizing/purging
  • filing
  • billing
  • accounts receivable follow-up
  • office set-up
  • organizing bills or personal files,
  • set up business electronic filing system
  • report writing
  • government briefs/memos
  • proof reading and editing
  • drafting policies/bylaws
  • executive summaries
  • press releases
  • media advisories
  • annual reports
  • newspaper articles/monthly newsletters
  • briefing documents
  • communications plans
  • speech writing
  • information brochures and pamphlets
  • social media monitoring/drafting content
  • For author’s, musician’s, artist’s or motivational speaker’s
  • book venues, appearances or visits
  • travel, booking, accommodation and contract/payment details
  • present at the event to handle meet and greets or merchandise selling
  • organizing visiting delegations or study tours from out of province or out of country
    (booking travel and accommodations to securing key meetings, making reservations for meals, excursions and accompanying the delegation during their time here as well as daily briefings and wrap up report.)
  • organizing a workshop, trade show, board meeting, AGM, corporate retreat, holiday event
  • alumni or anniversary event for business/organization
  • birthday or anniversary party
  • fundraisers
  • celebration of life receptions
  • domestic and international trips (business or personal)
  • document role responsibilities and daily work tasks for shared use/cloud storage
  • create document road map for incoming successor
  • tackle gender and generational workplace challenges
  • knowledge transfer of decades of internal data, contacts and contents (‘brain dump’)

About Us

Lisa Jibson

Lisa Jibson

Chief Administrative Officer

Ms. Lisa Jibson is the founder of Ross Street Agency and acts as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Ms. Jibson has a Master’s degree in Public Administration (with a focus on Local Government) from Western University and an undergraduate degree in geography and political science from Western University.  She has 25+ years of executive administrative experience, including over 11 years working on Parliament Hill handing various administrative and government relations related roles as well as 3+ years experience as the Director of Administration at the Faculty of Law at Western University.

During her time in Ottawa, Lisa also spent 3 years working for a NGO called the Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH).  She worked side by side with the Executive Director on various issues such as communications, government relations, advocacy with other agencies, relations with the Board of Directors and various committees, and promoting health sector projects that CSIH implements overseas.

Lisa has spent several years managing and organizing municipal, provincial and federal election campaigns and fundraisers and volunteering at various country music events across Ontario.

Recently, Lisa was published in the August 2014 edition of Municipal World magazine–Getting on the radar; The importance of intergovernmental relations in small and medium sized municipalities. pp.31-34; and in Elgin This Month – August 2014 and June, October and December 2015.

Ross Street Agency is the culmination of a broad set of skills and expertise developed over several years of work, education and volunteer experience


Government Relations Assistance

As the owner of a busy lobby firm, I often am juggling various clients and files at the same time. Being able to contract the services of Lisa Jibson at Ross Street Agency has been invaluable.  Her background in government and her years of administrative experience allow her to jump in a project mid-way and deliver what I need, whether it is background research, briefs to government officials, or organizing details for events.  She understands my needs and always provides a professional end result.

Suzanne VB

President, The GPS Group

Booking Agent

“Lisa Jibson goes out of her way to cater to your needs and get the job done right. She is versatile, organized, and professional. I have used her agency for several large projects. She doesn’t disappoint”

Kari-Lynn W

PhD, Children's Author, St. Catharines, ON

Professional Wordsmith

Lisa from Ross Street Agency helped me assess my skill set and reform how I communicated my career accomplishments, which allowed her to create a new skill- based resume for me. My revised resume played a noteworthy role in pursuing and securing my new career as a firefighter for the City of Toronto.  I am grateful for Lisa’s assistance, her wordsmith abilities, and creativity in presenting my abilities in a fresh, new manner.

Josh L.

Toronto, ON

Policy Writing

I have engaged Ross Street Agency for 2 projects recently and Lisa went above and beyond to deliver excellent results!! I would definitely recommend her services!

Nicki Morris

President And Lead Consultant, The Neoteric Group

Creative Writing/Wordsmithing

Lisa is a mastermind of wording and an editing genius. I have technically been a stay at home mother/community advocate/volunteer for 14 years. Overnight she took my chronological resume and reworded the headlings and language to highlight my professional and personal experiences. I couldn’t stop smiling as she effectively put in writing all my years of philanthropic work and linked it to my career/academic accomplishments. I feel so confident now about my future opportunities as my CV reflects what I have to offer. Thank you so much Lisa Jibson for your support and timely response. I cannot believe what you pulled together in less than 24 hours. You made this Mom and very happy woman. Happy new year to you.


Holly Glew

Human Behaviour Specialist

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