Anyone who has been in business for a few years has both success stories and horror stories to tell. Running a small business is not for the faint of heart, nor does it suit some personality types.  Some entrepreneurs are analysts, some are visionaries, others are superstar’s, I am a little bit of an advisor and analyst when it comes to my entrepreneur personality. I think after running my small business for over four years, the one takeaway I focus on is that there will never be boredom in my workday.  I love that about owning my business!  This terrifies others.  Anyone and everyone is capable of running a business with a little help from some business courses and some advice from your local, friendly small business centre or an established business owner who is willing to be your mentor, but what really works for those successful businesses is that they are risk takers, planners, open to constantly learning, and they are flexible.

When I sit down on the edge of my looking glass and see all the fuzzy pictures swirling around and all of the clients I have assisted, it boggles my mind as to how much has changed.  In four short years, I have evolved from creating invoices in Word to using online client management software like Dubsado.  I talk to clients in on-line chatrooms like Glip and Slack.  I scan my receipts in my phone using Genius Scan, and earlier today I unlocked a door at The Atrium to use my flex-desk with an app called KISI on my phone.

My days are never the same, and I thrive on that.  Some days I am updating social media feeds for myself and my clients, and writing articles and blogs. Other days, I am cutting bureaucratic red tape to help clients navigate a government department or process some forms or applications.  At least once a month, I have to put on my bookkeeping hat and get down to tracking expenses and billing clients so I have money to pay bills.  I try to get out of the house and do some networking a couple of times a week to meet potential clients.  On beautiful summer days, I play hooky and take my puppy to the beach and do some business development planning.  This kind of haphazard schedule would drive some people batty, but I am not, and probably will never be, an 8-4 kind of girl.

I run my business as a reflection of my personal beliefs and work ethics.  Number one, I think people should work when they are most productive and energized.  For some people that is early mornings, others are strict routine 9-5’er. For me, I am most productive and focused from late morning to early evening.  And as long as I communicate that to my clients, it’s not usually a problem. Secondly, I don’t buy into the mindset that you have to wear a noose around your neck or thigh-sucking, fire hazard nylons and high heels in order to be professional.  I think your advice, your communication, and the final product or service should dictate your level of professionalism.  Finally, I try and learn from Alice and her looking glass.  I can’t change the past, even with the passage of time.  So move on from the unhappy client, the project you fumbled or the opportunity you messed up.  Tomorrow is a new day and it is full of exciting, un-planned projects and opportunities.