3917976_origMy business would not be a reality without the assistance of the Elgin Business Resource Centre and their self-employment benefit program.  When I started this program I was in a group of about 14 people who had a vision of running their own business.  Some have been successful, some decided to wait a while and some didn’t find entrepreneurship a good fit.

One of the people in my initial group was a young woman, Helena Fehr.  Her goal was to open a gluten-free bakery.  She was motivated by her husband’s celiac condition to provide gluten-free options for people on the go.

As we progressed through the program, Helena decided that she had a lot of work and research in front of her so she decided to take a little extra time before she officially launched her business.

Recently, her and I reconnected at a networking event for those of us who have been through the SEB program.  I was thrilled to find out that she had found a store front and was planning to ‘officially’ open her business at the end of November.  She had chosen a name for the bakery called the “Crepe Escape” and was working very hard to get everything done.

I spoke with her and tried to convince her that she didn’t have to do EVERYTHING herself. I guess my conversation must have resonated with her because about two weeks later she called me and hired me to help her coordinate the grand opening of her bakery.  Since we both had the same vision to start our own business, I was thrilled to help her with details that I could take care of leaving her to do what she does best…..BAKE!!!!!

I have been managing her social media accounts and reaching out to the press and putting posters up around town as well as helping create a take-away menu and handle the non-baking details for the big day.  I am thrilled to help distribute the press she received on her store opening through my blog (and it was nice that she mentioned my business as well.  You can read the article here: http://www.theweeklynews.ca/news-story/5053120-time-is-right-for-st-thomas-to-take-the-crepe-escape/

If you live in the St. Thomas-Elgin area, on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014, stop in to 161 Ross Street and try a gluten–free crepe and some free hot chocolate at the Crepe Escape.

Here’s hoping that Helena has been baking up a storm while I’ve been telling everyone about it.