6952571Paul Hallett, the owner, and I met through one of his other businesses and he kept my business card after we talked about what my business was all about. When he was ready to launch Immortal Skateboards just before Christmas he called Ross Street Agency and asked if I could help him out with a press release and try and get him some media coverage for his company.

After writing a press release and contacting the local media, both the St. Thomas Times Journal and the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News wrote a story about Immortal Skateboards. In fact, the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News printed the story I wrote verbatim. This was a win-win for both of us. He hired Ross Street Agency for one specific task so that he could concentrate on growing his business and in return I got a new client (and a happy one) and some publicity for my business.

Now that the local community knows about Immortal Skateboards, hopefully with the power of social media like Facebook and Twitter the rest of the planet will know too. And, as a bonus, hopefully they will know a little bit more about Ross Street Agency and what we can do for their business.

Smart business owners understand that their time is valuable and they have to focus on growing their business. They also understand that they can’t do everything themselves. It’s smart business to hire someone to handle things that they don’t have time for so it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Media coverage for a small business can go a long way in promoting your product or service. Just ask the Crepe Escape (www.crepescape.ca). After Crepe Escape hired Ross Street Agency to assist with their grand opening, I contacted the local media about the Crepe Escape Gluten Free Bakery, the St. Thomas/Elgin Weekly News came to interview the owner, Helena, and her business is now booming.

Please share this with any of your connections that might have a small business and could potentially use a virtual assistant at some point. Here’s hoping 2015 is a fantastic year for Immortal Skateboards and Ross Street Agency.

If you are interested in reading the stories about Immortal Skateboards, both of them are attached here for your reading pleasure.


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